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That’s What She Said

Reviews from past couples:

Mahvish & Jon (Saginaw, MI)

Mahvish: One of the most important things to us was the videography because I think that it you know you are documenting your wedding so you want it to be extra special. We decided to check out the Castle Farms website and they had just two videographers on a list of recommended vendors for videography. We viewed Style and Motion and were blown away.

Jon: Blown away. The quality was unreal. We thought we were watching professional movies from Hollywood.

M: We gave Aaron and Shelby a call and we met with them, and we were just amazed by just their charisma. They are just great, caring people. It is really important when you work with a vendor that you get along with them and you have a good relationship with them and they make that so easy. Aaron and Shelby were more than willing to work with us on budget. They were very flexible. They are not just kind of set stone they really will work with you to your needs and that’s what they did with us, and the final product was amazing.

We could not wait to get our feature film, and when we got it, first I think two minutes I realized this was something kind of spectacular I was crying throughout the entire thing. It was artistic it wasn’t just a video. There were so many details.

J: Incredible, it wasn’t some linear piece of video, it is almost a choreographed piece of what we experienced that day.

M: They really captured the emotion of the day, I mean they nailed it. Shelby, I say this she was honestly like my fifth bridesmaid. Whenever I needed anything, Shelby was there as a friend. She wasn’t just a videographer. She just went above and beyond I don’t think that is something that you expect anyone to do. She was wonderful. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

J: Not only you are investing in a video, you are investing in a higher probability that your wedding is going out like it should. What a great team not only are they professional incredibly artistic great vision and they always know what to do at the right time when we were filming, which is just so reassuring. But they are incredible people, I can’t say enough who these people are and what they do.

M: Best decision we ever made. I couldn’t have asked for a better video, it was perfect.

ALYSSA: Yeah, we researched videographers all throughout the state. We came across Style & Motion, we saw they’d won a few awards, and we saw the videos that they had produced, and they really made us feel something. If we were going to start crying during a video, we knew it was probably a good choice.

JORDAN: We had a conference call with Shelby, and we had some concerns, I think more on my side, with what we could get out of the film and what our options would be. We felt really comfortable on the phone with her, really at ease.

ALYSSA: It was really great because she was able to get a feel for what our personalities were and what we wanted in our wedding video without us really even having to articulate that. It was really – we had a really good connection, and we felt that we were in good hands with Style & Motion.

JORDAN: We had seen different same day edits at weddings, and we always liked the idea. I always liked the video. When it came to our own wedding, it was definitely Alyssa who probably wanted it more. Even though I’ve seen works I liked before, we’d spoken to Shelby, we liked her a lot. For me, it was hard to get past that point of something that we could eliminate from our budget.

Looking back at it now, after the wedding has passed, watching the video; I think it would’ve been a devastating decision if we would’ve not done it, because it turned out perfect. It’s something that we watch all the time.

ALYSSA: All the time

JORDAN: I probably want to watch it just as much, if not more, than what Alyssa does.

ALYSSA: We were so happy on our wedding day, and it really was just kind of a blur. The next day, I remember we were thinking, “Gosh, what did people say during the speeches?” I know they were funny, but I can’t really remember, because I was just so happy and everything was so wonderful. But being able to watch it, you can really relive that moment and be able to take it all in a lot more, and you can take it all in over and over and over again. So you don’t miss anything. There was a lot of stuff that we just didn’t remember, so it’s wonderful to see it play out again.

It was really great chemistry between us, the day of the wedding, Style & Motion, and the photographer. Style & Motion, they wanted their sunset shot; the photographer wanted her sunset shot. They worked so well together. And during a lot of parts of the wedding, when we were looking at the video again, we had no idea that Aaron and Shelby were there videotaping, because they didn’t even get in the way at all. We barely even noticed that they were there.

JORDAN: Another big part is there were so many moving parts and we didn’t have a wedding planner, so it was just everyone kind of working on separate parts, and to me, it was very comforting to have them there, very calm, knowing that they’ve been in a lot of situations, done a lot of weddings, and just made the process really smooth and I think made me feel a lot more comfortable during the day.

ALYSSA: When I was sitting down watching the same day edit, I don’t know how you felt, but it was so cool to me to watch Jordan get ready. It was cool to see his special moments with his groomsmen, cute moment with his nephew, his brother helping with his bowtie, things that are really special moments of the day that, as a bride, you wouldn’t see. Watching the same day edit during our reception, it definitely brought a tear to our eyes and –

JORDAN: Just about everyone’s.

ALYSSA: A lot of our guests’. They were all crying.

JORDAN: I think I was really surprised when we watched it that the video began with footage that we took like 10 minutes before that. Like really, literally, we got back to the barn to watch the same day edit, and there was footage from stuff that we just took, so I think that was really surprising.

ALYSSA: A lot of our guests had never seen a same day edit before at a wedding, and they were just completely shocked that we had something that was just so well done, first of all, and then was the same day. They just couldn’t believe that this was shot just a couple hours ago, and in some cases 10 minutes ago. It’s not a common thing to have, but it definitely really sets apart your wedding, I think, to have it. It just creates another special moment for the guests to have a fond memory of your wedding by.

JORDAN: The best decision I think we made in the entire wedding was getting the videography, because we had a good photographer, we got a lot of great pictures – got over 1900 pictures – but it’s not the same, and even the best pictures that we have that are hanging in our home, it’s not like being there, where you have this really high quality, like you’re standing next to the person. You can hear your mom give the speech, you can see your grandparents dancing. Just stuff that we’ll always have forever that can’t even compare to photography.

ALYSSA: One of the biggest factors in doing videography for us was knowing that this is something we’ll always have. Family members are – I mean, they’re going to pass one day, and being able to hear their voice and watch them move and see them get choked up, it’s just… it’s such a special thing, and knowing that if we have kids of our own, like “Watch, watch Grandma.” It’s such a cool feeling, and such a – honestly, it’s like a family treasure, being able to have this type of footage.

JORDAN: Out of all the things that we got from our wedding, which from the showers to the wedding gifts to basically our entire home was furnished, was we’ve definitely gotten more use out of the video than we have anything else from our wedding.

ALYSSA: Yeah. We had no idea how often we would watch it. I think Jordan wants to watch it like at least once a week. This was the best decision – my parents are so happy that we’ve done it. They had no idea what video would cover and how great it would be, but I mean, my stepdad doesn’t cry, and every time we watch the video, he’s always getting a little choked up. It’s cute.

Jaclyn & Brian (Detroit, MI) – View Feature Film Thats What She Said

I cannot put into words how happy I am with the video that Forever Cherished (now, Style and Motion) did (and I am a total snob when it comes to these kinds of things). The two most important things to me when it came to our wedding were the photography and videography (once it’s done, that’s all you have left). I searched for so many vendors and they were just priced way out of our budget. Forever Cherished was one of the last vendors I found; they had very high quality videos, were extremely personable and professional, and had the best value. I was thoroughly impressed with them and their professionalism, however, it wasn’t until we received the video, did we realize what a great choice we made. It is AMAZING. They are truly so talented (you can tell that when you have a totally botched, drunk, 12 minute best man speech that they edited down to seem like speech of the year). They’ve brought everyone who has watched it (including people we don’t even personally know) down to tears. It is so beautiful and so telling of our story. It is like our own personal Hollywood movie, and our friends and family (and their friends!) have all raved about how incredible it is (because it truly is THAT great). I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. You will not be sorry choosing them.

Lauren & Kraig (Indianapolis, Indiana) – View Trailer Thats What She Said

I wanted to thank you again for the wedding video.  We finally got to watch it on Friday evening and couldn’t have been happier.  It meant a lot to have you and Shelby be able to film our special day. Not only was the presentation awesome but the video captured the whole day just perfectly.  [quote_left]I’ve watched the feature film and trailer a million times and still cried through the entire thing! We LOVED IT!

Courtney & Mike (Bay Harbor, MI) – View Same Day Edit or Feature Film Thats What She Said

Shelby, Aaron, and Dan are amazing videographers! I was not sure about videography when I was planning my wedding and we had not really budgeted that much for it. But, after meeting with Shelby and Aaron, we decided to go for it! And, we were so happy that we did! Our ‘same day edit’ was the highlight of our wedding and our guests were so impressed. We just received our DVD’s with all of our other special moments captured and we got to enjoy the day all over again!! Shelby and Aaron are extremely talented and they are so passionate about their work. I would definitely recommend them!!!

Amanda & Derek (Plymouth, MI) Thats What She Said

Style & Motion is a fabulous husband/wife team that does amazing work! Aaron and Shelby were a breeze to work with. They showed an awesome same day edit during the reception which made all of the guests (and us!) both laugh and cry. Soon after the wedding they posted a trailer on facebook and their website which left everyone wanting more. Their production style is very unique and professional, they are wonderful!

Kelly & Jason

I’m so glad we will have this to watch over and over again (at least yearly) lol and share with family/friends/kids. Having actual video of your wedding day really helps bring you back – I was definitely crying when I watched it.  Having actual video of your wedding day really helps bring you back.

Salem & Yasmine (Ann Arbor, MI)

We just received the videos and….WOW!! We couldn’t have been happier with the work you guys did. Thanks again, and thank Shelby for us as well.

Katie (Grand Rapids, MI)

Aaron, I got the DVD’s yesterday, and made myself wait until Chad got home to watch it. I (being a total girl) cried the whole time…hahaha! It means so much to me to have that memory of our wedding day recorded forever! You did a great job, and its exactly what I wanted! Thank You!!! I wish you and Shelby the best in your life together!! It means so much to me to have that memory of our wedding day recorded forever! 

Laura (St. Clair Shores, MI)

The DVDs were wonderful and we truly appreciate everything you did!! Thank you for capturing our special day so well!

Tracy (Saginaw, MI)

First of all, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS VIDEO!! I really can’t even put it into words on how amazing of a job Shelby and Aaron did! I am endlessly thankful and will treasure this for the rest of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooooo much!!