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Kristy & Vivek Wedding In Review  
Lauren & Dominick Wedding

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Liz & Ryan Wedding In Edit  
Lauren & Nick Wedding In Review  

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Same Day Edit

What is a Same Day Edit?

The Same Day Edit is a video clip we create and then display at your wedding reception. It is a movie which starts off with your wedding preparations and features your passion, excitement and anticipation of your big day. Through the film, we additionally concentrate on the small aspects which make your wedding day so special, details which can be easily missed in the commotion of your wedding. Then your movie proceeds in to the ceremony, where it shows the feelings of the marriage of you and your spouse the most significant occasions you will ever have. This is all so potent, because you can watch this movie two hours after these events really occurred. There’s always such a wow factor involved. A same day edit is definitely one of the most distinctive and remarkable things you can add to your wedding day. Plus we love sharing them with our bride and grooms!


Courtney and Mike’s Award Winning Same Day Edit