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Name Project Type Status Links
Kristy & Vivek Wedding In Review  
Lauren & Dominick Wedding

In Review

Liz & Ryan Wedding In Edit  
Lauren & Nick Wedding In Review  

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  • Kara and Dan’s Traverse City Trailer
  • Haney and Zunera’s Wedding Trailer NYC
  • Breanna and Matt’s Wedding Vignette
  • Ashley & Joe – Punta Cana
  • Warren and Amira’s Love Story
  • Jenna and Tony’s Same Day Edit
  • Elizabeth and Scott’s Same Day Edit
  • Jazmine and Marlon’s Wedding Trailer
  • Lauren and Nick’s Same Day Edit
  • Liz & Ryan – Chicago Same Day Edit
  • Lauren and Jon’s Feature Film
  • Kyung and Alison’s Feature Film
  • Maria and Brett – Bay Harbor Yacht Club
  • Kristy and Vivek – Fusion Wedding
  • Brittney and Zaid – Chicago
  • Kyung and Alison’s Same Day Edit
  • Lauren and Jon’s Wedding Trailer
  • Mike and Courtney’s Same Day Edit
  • Mahvish and Jon’s Feature Film
  • Mahvish and Jon’s Wedding Trailer
  • Courtney and Mike’s Feature Film
  • Lauren and Kraig’s Indianapolis Film
  • Derek and Amanda’s Wedding Trailer
  • Caitlin and Evan’s Wedding Trailer