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Speechspirations – The Best Man Speech

What made this a speechspiration?

  • He poked a little fun at the groom
  • Spoke fondly of the bride
  • He told a pretty entertaining story on how he helped Evan stay with Caitlin
  • He did not read, but spoke with emotion
Watch their wedding trailer we did last summer!


Good evening friends and family, I just want to start off by thanking Evan and Caitlin’s parents for making this wonderful day possible. Mr. and Mrs. Mlynarek, I know that Evan didn’t turn out to be the perfect child you hoped for, but you should still be proud of your 21 year old balding son.  Just remember that’s going to be all right because you still have your attractive daughter Hope.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander you should be very proud of your daughter, you have raised a very beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated woman.

So for those of you that don’t know me my name is James, I’m the best man and it may be hard to believe but I am Asian. This may have shocked and confused many of you, a lot of people including Evan himself would never have guessed four years ago that his best man would be a Korean man from Indiana, but it happened. How did this happen you may ask, well it is a very long and complicated story so I am going to save everyone and give everyone the shorten version.

I have been Evans roommate for the past 3 years and he may not know it but I’m the reason that Evan and Kate are getting married today. During freshmen year he told me he was dating a girl from his home town, he was in Maryland and she was going to school inMichigan. As most people know these long distant relationships don’t last, so being the great friend and best man that I was, every weekend since freshmen year I’ve taken Evan out to dinner and watched a movie with him. Our classmates have constantly made fun of us for going on these so called man dates, now should I be embarrassed about my bromance with Evan? Probably, but at least he was spending time with me instead of chasing after other girls, so you welcome Cate.

So now this is the time in a best man’s speech where I usually embarrass the groom with his crazy and drunken nights in college, believe me I would really want to do this but as most of you know Evan doesn’t really drink, so his parents will be happy to hear that there are not a lot of crazy stories to talk about. So instead I’m going to make an announcement, to all the single ladies in the room, Sam, Charlie, Adam and myself are all currently single and after a couple of drinks we turn into great dancers so please find us on the dance floor. Ryan has a girlfriend, so please stay away.

In all seriousness we are glad that you two found each other, I know that it took a lot of time and effort to keep your relationship going, I truly believe the time apart has strengthened your relationship. I’ve witnessed firsthand the many hours on the phone, the daily video chats, and the hundreds of dollars spent on plane tickets. Evan has said since day one that it’s all worth is because he is lucky enough to get a girl that is way out of his league. Can we please raise our glasses. Knowing Evan he will kill me if I didn’t have at least one Ronald Reagan quote, so here it is, live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God, here is to Evan and Cate.

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