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Speechspirations – Father of the Bride

What made this a speechspiration?

  • What he said was genuine and heartfelt
  • He told a few short stories that were relevant to who Mahvish was like growing up
  • He talked fondly of the groom
  • It was also funny when it needed to be
  • He offered some wonderful advice to the couple
  • He did not read, but spoke with emotion


Good evening everybody, let’s begin by telling you just how much of a setup this is. You get all these guys dancing coming in here, you’ve got this beautiful couple and then they put me in front of you, so this is not fair, but anyway now that I have your undivided attention, hopefully, I would like to begin by thanking all of you for having spent this weekend, for having giving of your time.

And of your love to have joined us and does time ever go by I can remember just a little while ago and this was just a little child and a few guys saw any of those pictures, I can still remember those pictures, I think I was in some of them too anyway. And time goes by and she grows and she’s 8 or she’s 10 years old and one day, when you are not expecting it, there is some conversation about what will happen when I get married daddy, and you say “well of course honey I will do a fairy tale wedding for you” so my first advise to all of you young parents is, don’t ever say that, they never forget.

So that is how it started and as time has gone on and I’ve watched her grow into a very mature, responsible adult, I’m very proud of the fact that she has worked this way to make her life what it has become and I have absolutely no hesitation in telling you Jon, that you are part of this. That the transformation of this young lady into someone that I am so proud of, that we are all so proud of, how far she has gotten, you are very much a what I have come to regard as a ground, something that prevents the flights of fancy you know.

But that being said life is going by and you saw your grandfather stand there and it wasn’t so long ago that he was there for me and so I am now there for you, and I just want you to keep up the tradition. So what tradition is that first of all you cannot give speeches with a book in front of you, you have to do it from just off the cuff right.  Remember that, we talk about that sometimes. But more seriously the tradition that I want you to always adhere to is love your family, respect your adult, respect the elders in your life, be very mindful of your place in this universe and never forget that it just takes a day to take everything away from you.  So don’t ever forget to enjoy everything, even the time you argue about whether the knives are in the right drawer or the left drawer whichever one of those you know, and you argue with them about the fact that know this carpet is this color or that, enjoy that because life has this very nasty habit of taking things away from us, so everyday should count, make it special, make it real.

And we really want kids pretty soon; I had to get it on record sorry I had to get that on record. But anyway enough of that, thank you very much everybody, I hope you have a good time, this meal and the wine is our way of thanking all of you for all that you have done for our children and have a good time, thank you very much.

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