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BDTS #4: Jaclyn and Brian

In this episode, Dan breaks down Jaclyn and Brian’s wedding feature, focusing on the last section of their wedding film.


Transcript from video:

This is Dan and thank you for joining me for another episode of breaking down the scene. This is episode #4 and today we are going to be looking at the final five minutes of Jaclyn and Brian’s feature. The reason why I decided to choose this piece for the fourth episode is because of lot of the unique situations we found ourselves in while shooting that day. The wedding actually took place on a Monday. The wedding itself took place a lot later in the day around 6 o’clock, so it allowed us to be a lot more creative, and we knew we were going to end up with a really unique piece.

I structured, and really built the piece on lot of the audio we captured for the day. The father’s speech talked a lot about when they first met and some of the things that brought them together and then Brian went into great detail about how they met and some of those details. Even the best man had talked about how he felt and what he went through after finding out about their engagement. So, really the structure was built around the back story about how they met and I really wanted to utilize that. So, you’ll actually find that a lot of the audio and a lot of the music choices were actually dictated by the voice over’s and the speeches and a lot of the audio that we captured that day. Because of that, I actually ended up  using a lot of instrumental pieces.

In one of the earlier episodes I had talked about how great it is to use instrumental when it comes to voice overs, because you really have the ability to fully utilize the voiceover. I really think it evokes a lot of more emotion and it really allows you to play around a lot more with it. So I decided to go that route. I actually only ended using one song with any lyrics in it, and we will get to that here in just a second. But we are going to pick up right towards the end of the ceremony right when he is telling them “you are husband and wife, may not just a bride.” But we transition over into the photo shoot and I wanted to make sure I threw a little bit that in there.

I wanted to show how everybody interacted with each other, how fun the day was, and because it took place on Belle Isle. Jaclyn and Brian live in the city of Detroit so we wanted to make sure that was a really intricate part of the entire piece. and since they got married at the Whitney, they live in the city, they live right by Comerica Park, we really wanted to implement Detroit into the piece, and they have a lot of love for the 50s era on the Rat Pack offering Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elvis as well, which is actually the inspiration ‘wow’ for the final song that you are listening to currently which is ‘cannot fall in love’.

I really wanted to make sure that I keep with the style that they like to bring a modern twist that we would like to bring to our pieces, so I used an updated version of the classic song by Elvis. I showed a little bit of the detail shots that you can even see from the Faygo glasses that they once again, back to the 1950s the old style glasses. They have a lot of love for that era, so I really wanted to make sure that I brought that in and showed that because it is such a huge part of their personalities. I will turn the music down and we actually get into the best man’s speech, which like as I said before it dealt a lot with how they met and some of the things that he went through. The speech actually ended up lasting somewhere around eight minutes. But, the bride had made the comment they should know we did a wonderful job of taking out a certain piece and cutting it down and keeping the heart of what he was saying in there. I thought that was great that I was able to capture that and really impress the bride.

After his speech kind of wraps up and we are more into the final moments of the piece. I really wanted to make sure that the final verse of the song really took center stage, because I thought the final verse really said exactly how the couple felt in terms of their love, their relationship and the life they are going to have together. So I really wanted that to take center stage so I dropped that out of the audio and really let that take over and one of the big things about the final moments of this piece was I tried to make the biggest impact I could with the small amount of footage that we were able to gather because like I had said it was a Monday evening. I really wanted to make sure that we got as much as we could in a short amount of time before we lost anybody or anybody had to go home.

One of the unique challenges that we found that we had for the evening, but alternately when it came down we really could not be happier the way the piece turned out. It really was just as unique as we wanted it to be, and I think we did a fantastic job of capturing the personality and the essence of the relationship in the piece and I couldn’t be happier with it. So we will play for here in it’s entirety so stick around and check out that and we look forward to seeing for another episode.


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