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BDTS #2: Peter and Julie

Dan explains some of the thought that goes into the editing process of our wedding features. This episode we break down Peter and Julie’s wedding feature.

We are going to be breaking down Peter and Julie’s feature today.  The reason I chose this one is because of the huge emphasis on audio.  I really wanted to keep a straight forward story on it, so I thought it was a nice variation from Jon and Mahvish’s BDTS episode, which was heavy handed in symbolism.  Peter and Julie wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They’re a great couple, very emotional, so I wanted to bring that personality out in the video.

So I started out the video with a shot of Peter and Julie, really so you can see a face to a name.  Underneath I had a voice over of Julie’s father, starting his speech with how he might cry, really giving you a sense of who the family is and how heartfelt and emotional this piece is.

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