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8 Things A Bride And Groom Can Do To Make A Better Video

Here’s a few ways a bride and groom can help with the production of their wedding film without affecting your wedding day.
<li>Turn down the music while you’re getting ready. It’s common for the girls to blast the latest Bruno Mars song while doing hair and make-up, but we often miss the important things being said between the bride and the bridesmaids.</li>
<li>Talk to your family and friends.  Tell them how excited you are! Chat about how you meet, how the proposal went, what has gone into planning this wedding, etc. Your wedding day is packed full of emotions, let everyone know how you’re feeling.</li>
<li>Exchange a gift and a card with each other.  An inexpensive gift that brings back memories of your first date can be very powerful. You can have a close friend deliver it if your getting ready nearby, or exchange them during your first look.</li>
<li>Do not rush your vows.  Look into each others eyes and speak from the heart.  Take a deep breathe in between lines.</li>
<li>Let your DJ know that he needs to make sure all your vendors are prepared for the major events throughout the reception. This helps everyone capture your moments!</li>
<li>Tell your best man and maid of honor to not only talk about you as a person, but also as you both as a couple.  Have them share their thoughts on you two finding each other and getting married.  It should be as funny as it is heartfelt.  A good length for a speech is between 2 and 5 minutes.  We’ll be covering this more in a later post!</li>
<li>Chewing gum just doesn’t look good on video or in your wedding photos. This goes for the wedding party too.  This is especially true when you’re on the altar.</li>
<li>Make it a point to stay together throughout the night. <strong>Get out and dance together!</strong></li>
We know your wedding day is going to be crazy, but a few of these suggestions can be planned ahead of time and will really make for not only better videos and photos, but a better wedding day overall!

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