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Mahvish and Jon’s Feature Film

Shot over 3 days at Castle Farms, located in Charlevoix, Michigan.

  • MyAsianWed.com published Mahvish and Jon’s trailer!
    • We kick off the week with Mahvish & Jon’s splendid Indian fusion wedding in Michigan, USA. The father of the bride’s opening speech really got us glued to our seats in this classy affair as he kept his lifelong promise of giving his daughter a fairytale wedding.
  • MaharaniWeddings.com selected Mahvish and Jon’s trailer as their Friday Feature Film!
    • “Nothing makes my heart break more than a father’s speech at his darling daughter’s wedding. Seriously, nothing. They are always SO touchingly sweet, my eyes instantly well up with tears and the waterworks begin even before he proudly says, “Welcome.”  So, when the talented team over at Style & Motion sent me this Indian wedding hightlight, and the opening is the father’s speech, I knew that I had a *must feature* on my hands.  This video is everything I love about wedding cinematography all wrapped up in one….it’s romantic, it’s breathtaking, it’s a story, and it genuinely shows off the bride and groom.”
  •  Brides.com selected Mahvish and Jon’s trailer as their video of the week!
    • “There’s a practice amongst actors that believes you can learn the most about your character from how others in the story regard him or her. These impressions don’t necessarily reflect your character’s worldview, but at least they tell us how the world feels looking back. In a wedding film, it’s often the sentiments of a couple’s friends and family that provide the purest picture of their love story. Through toasts and speeches we learn how a couple’s love ripples into the lives of the people closest to them. Style & Motion uses this as the through-line of Mahvish and Jon’s wedding trailer, where we hear Mahvish’s father describe her as a little girl and her brother talk about when he knew Jon was the one for his sister. In seeing their happiness shared by others, we come away convinced that Mahvish and Jon truly make each other happy—and all without hearing them say a word. —Phillip B. Crook”