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Lauren and Jon’s Wedding Trailer

One word could sum up Lauren and Jon’s wedding: Wow. 

First off, Lauren and Jon are flippin’ cool.  I, Aaron, could chit-chat with Lauren for hours about random stuff, wedding related or not.  It doesn’t hurt that she works at Google, which is the favorite internet company.

Jon is equally awesome. He’s 6′huge”, but sooooo friendly and all-around great.   But more importantly, the two of them together is something great.   You can tell just by how they look at each other.  There’s a glimmer in the eyes.

Vendors That Rocked:

Alicia, from A Day In May, did such a truly amazing job on not only the decorating of the wedding, but being great coordinator on the actual day.  We’ll be posting a separate video of the details of their wedding.

This was also the first time we worked with Dan Stewart, and we hope it won’t be the last…he was such a pleasure to work with.  It really benefits the bride and groom with the the photographer and videographer work off of each others creativity.  We love when the photographers personality matches their talent.

Ciccone Vineyard in Sutton’s Bay provided the picturesque scenery for the ceremony and reception.

Lauren and Jon prepared for their big day at The Inn at Black Star Farms